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Playtech Live Roulette

Latest Playtech Live Roulette Stories/

Playtech have long been the main competitor to Evolution Gaming in the UK live online roulette sector, and when using their standard product it’s hard to tell to the two apart when you’re in the lobby, and to some extent in the rooms themselves as well: Both use Eastern European dealers and have rooms decked out in fairly similar styles.

Playtech’s approach is to make the rooms look similar to those of an upmarket land casino, and to a large extent they succeed very well. 

You’ll also find, though, that a Playtech experience on one site needn’t be the same as you’ll find on another. For example a trip to Paddy Power’s live casino will take you to a premium version of Playtech live room product which you won’t always find at other casinos.

Nonetheless, all Playtech rooms are well-appointed with lots of options:

You can adjust sound to include ambient background noise at any level, you can turn the ‘racetrack’ call betting grid on and off, you can check out recent game history or opt to hide the list of recently-spun numbers if you don’t believe in previous events influencing those of the future – and best of all, you can play side games:

This is where Playtech make mincemeat of the competition as no-one else offers this at all. Inside Playtech’s live roulette rooms are small panels which can be activated to display miniaturised versions of some of their top slot games. This means you can keep yourself busy between roulette spins if roulette and chatting with the dealer are not enough to keep you busy.
Many thousands of players love to take advantage of these games, as hosted roulette with chat can take too long for some people, who love live roulette but need an extra something to fill in the gaps. It’s another way the playing online can trump a true live casino experience, where you physically just wouldn’t be able to play slots and roulette at the same time.

The side games tend to be aimed at males, which is why you’ll see titles like Football Rules, Gladiator and Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven on offer. There’s a total of around 15 games now, though with just about something for everyone and it’s amazing how easy it is to play them between spins whilst still concentrating on your roulette game.

In terms of price per spin and game variety, this is very much down to individual casinos, though we’ve seen auto-games from 50p a spin and maximum spins in the tens of thousands of pounds.

You won’t find American roulette from Playtech: the live online roulette industry seems to have universally rejected it and with the worst odds of any roulette games that won’t upset anyone sense, however you can play on French tables with Playtech, and these are worth seeking out. 

Many people think they’re the same as a European table – both have just one zero and identical betting grids, but French tables offer better odds to outside bettors, as in the event of the ball landing in the green slot, half of any outside bets are returned to the player that made them. 

This makes a considerable difference to anyone looking to make steady long-term profits, and consequently comes – almost always – with a higher price per spin than a regular European table, but the affordability of Playtech French tables is coming down all the time and they’re consequently well worth seeking out.

You’ll also find classic-style auto-roulette from Playtech that you won’t find anywhere else on a web-only casino: These are the compressed air-driven wheels housed on Perspex domes that you sometimes see on live-to-TV roulette channels, and if you want a genuine roulette wheel set of outcomes based on the laws of physics rather than driven by a random number outcome then these will suit you perfectly if you’re looking for speedy play, or want to make your bankroll go further with lower-priced spins.

Playtech have steadily elbowed their way ahead in the live roulette market, with well-appointed products that offer slightly more than everyone else. That approach has served them well in the online slots industry, and likewise you can fully expect to see prominent casinos turning their allegiances to Playtech in the future.

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