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Roulette Super Gambler game and strategy guide

Tim Crump 22 Nov 2017
  • Roulette Super Gambler is found in Ladbrokes and Coral betting shops
  • It's one of the best-paying bonus roulette games on the market
Roulette Super Gambler: Play at Ladbrokes or Coral outlets

Roulette Super Gambler (Ladbrokes/Coral)

Roulette Super Gambler is a fairly standard-looking game found in Ladbrokes and Coral betting shops, but once you start playing it with outside bets you’ll find it’s actually one of the best-paying bonus roulette games on the market.

Like most roulette games that contain a special feature round, it kicks off with a standard European wheel and betting grid, though that’s where the comparisons end:

No need to make ante bets to trigger the bonus round

Where other bonus roulette games will contain a feature slot that – if bet on – will take you to some sort of bonus game, all you need to do to trigger the bonus round here is win.

Once you do, you’ll instantly be taken to a second, and rather interesting roulette wheel:

This wheel contains no numbers – just red and black segments totalling 61, and you can opt to bet on the red segments at a variety of odds and related outcomes:

You’ll initially be offered odds of 1 to 2, so for example you can gamble a £2 bet and win £3. 

Alternatively you can use the odds selector on the left hand side of the screen to alter the odds to evens or 2 to 1, and the red segments will disappear accordingly. They will, though, reflect a totally fair bet except for just one segment weighted towards to the casino:

A 1:2 bet will therefore give you 40 segments and 21 black; evens will give you 31 black and 2 to 1 will give you 41 black segments.

Give it a try and it'll make sense - it won't cost you much! 

If this seems a bit confusing, don’t worry: You can reach this feature very cheaply and play it for yourself. All you need to do is spin an outside win (red/black, odd/even or high/low) and you’ll be taken to the feature. No need for any expensive, relentless ante bets, or dozens of spins to trigger the bonus.

It gets even better, too: The stated expected return of the bonus round is 98%. To put this into perspective, the base game offers 97.3%, so you’re better off playing the bonus game – which isn’t always the case with other bonus roulette variations.

Before we move onto strategy, be aware that there are some other controls to the right of the bonus wheel that let you split the red segments into blocks of two or four, and move them around the wheel to a position that suits you. This is purely cosmetic and won’t affect your outcome at all. If that seems wrong, think of how the ball’s landing position is determined: It’s picked as soon as you hit the ‘Gamble’ button, and a pre-written animation then sends it to the chosen slot – so we’d advise not bothering to alter the segmentation on the bonus wheel as it won’t alter your chances at all.

We would, though, advise that you use the bonus wheel as often as possible:

Your main strategy here is in fact exactly that. With a house edge of 98% it represents exceptional value for money, which is hardly surprising. An evens bet on a standard European wheel gives you 18 winning slots versus 19 losing slots; with this game you get 30 versus 31 so you’re simply more likely to win.

Make outside bets to stand the best chance

Outside bets are therefore the best way to exploit this game as they’ll let you reach the bonus wheel quickly, and once you’re there it’s up to you. As long as you keep winning on the bonus wheel you’ll stay there, and you can even split your winnings to bank some and gamble the rest, so it’s entirely up to you how you want to play it, depending on how much you’re looking to win or avoid losing. 
Just steer clear of straight up bets and other low–occurrence wagers like splits, quads and row bets unless you’re covering at least a third of the table. 

Also avoid the NEWAR bets that you’ll find in the base game – they don’t represent good value for money either.

Otherwise, just get onto the bonus wheel as often as you can and enjoy the only 2% house edge possible in European roulette.

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Roulette Super Gambler game and strategy guide

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