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Hotshot Roulette game and strategy guide

Tim Crump 22 Nov 2017
  • Play Hot Shot Roulette online and in betting shops
  • Try it as an alternative to DOND Roulette
Hotshot Roulette: If you love DOND, you'll love this game

Hot Shot Roulette from Scientific Gaming appears in both Ladbrokes and Coral betting outlets and online at Ladbrokes Casino and Coral Casino

If you like DOND you'll love this game!

Bizarrely, it has a bonus game that works on almost the exact same principles as the various Deal or No Deal roulette games that are on the market, including the DOND game that Ladbrokes and Coral both offer themselves.

Someone however, has seen fit to add this game as well – and if you enjoy DOND then you’ll enjoy this game too. Once triggered, the box selection-based bonus round is faster than the DOND version, so if you want to complete the bonus game quickly and get back to business on the base game then you’ll prefer this version.

Speaking of which, the base game is as you’d expect: A standard European roulette game with the usual odds and most of the same betting options, though the dozen bet isn’t on offer as the Hot Shot bet is where you’d expect to find it on the grid.

The wheel contains an additional Hot Shot slot, which is the same size as the other slots - and when the ball lands here you’re taken to the bonus game if you’ve made a Hot Shot bet, which has minimum and maximum bets of £1 and £5.

You won't be penalised for making smaller bets

As with DOND roulette, virtually every player that tries to access the feature uses the minimum bet, and that is therefore the best way to analyse the game – though if you increase you bet, the feature wins are simply multiplied by the same amount anyway.

Once you reach the feature, you don’t pick a box as you would with DOND. Instead, you select 5 from the total of 18 and these are whisked away. You are then made an offer based on the values of the other boxes, and you opt to take it or continue. This happens again with another 5 boxes taken, after which they are removed 3 at a time, in two rounds. This leaves you with 2 boxes and you can either take the offer or pick a box.

Unlike DOND, you won’t be told the values of all the boxes when you play - but we can tell you that a £1 bet will give you boxes with £100, £90, £80, £70, £60, £50, £40, £30 , £20, £10 and 8 boxes with smaller amounts in.

Control yourself!

So what’s your strategy? As with DOND, don’t get greedy: Games like this are designed to punish impulsive players who can’t resist the big boxes and let their heart rule their head. However you’ll need to at least compensate yourself for having reached the bonus round, which will have typically cost you your base game stake plus your £1 bonus stake times 19. 

The figure 19 comes from the assumption that on average you’ll have to wait 19 spins for your chosen number to come up. Probability-wise it’s debatable, but it gets used alot in roulette theory and basically says that you’ll have to get through roughly half your spins before you get to the number you want.

No-one is likely to bet more on their base game than on their bonus stake – it’ll make for a very expensive trip to a relatively low-paying game if you do, so it’s fair to assume a £1 stake on the base game as well. A trip to the bonus round can therefore be expected to cost you £38, so to break even you’ll want to get offered the same amount in the bonus round.

That, though, won’t mean you’ve really benefited from the bonus round, so an additional £10 would seem fair. You could therefore wait to be offered around £50, accept it and be happy that you’d played well. 

As with any form of roulette with a bonus feature, don’t get too hooked on winning the headline bonus rate: It’s there to attract you to the game - not something you can actually expect to win.

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Hotshot Roulette game and strategy guide

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