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DOND Roulette game and strategy guide

Tim Crump 22 Nov 2017
  • This is a standard European game with 36 regular numbers paying the usual odds, but in this version you can bet from £1 to £5 on a choice of either or both of two feature slots
  • You can win up to £500 if you select the top box
One game, one question

This game varies from the versions found at other bookmakers like William Hill, thanks to the presence of two special features, rather than one.

It’s a standard European game with 36 regular numbers paying the usual odds, but in this version you can bet from £1 to £5 on a choice of either or both of two feature slots:

Get a call from The Banker and win at least £6

Firstly there’s this game’s distinguishing feature - The Telephone Round:

This is quite a simple idea, in stark contrast to the main DOND feature on this game. You’re presented with a retro-style telephone dial functioning as a wheel of fortune - but instead of ten numbers each space has a prize ranging from £6 upwards depending upon the size of your bet. A £1 bet will result in the dial showing prizes from £6 to £100, and these are simply multiplied up to five times, meaning that the full £5 bet will yield prizes from £30 up to £500. 

The main DOND feature operates in a surprisingly similar way to the real game as seen on TV: The top box here, though, is £500 – and the operators will be hoping that you aim to win this amount as it’s statistically highly unlikely that you will - and chasing after it will most likely cost you heavily. 

Make up to £500 in the main feature round

As with the TV show, your best bet statistically is to aim for the average take-home result from this feature, which is estimated at around £10. The TV show gives away a top prize of £250,000, and a sensible offer to accept from the infamous Banker is around the £5,000 mark. This may seem small, but that’s why the game makes such great entertainment, and – of course – results in such tragic consequences for the greedier players that make it onto the show. 

If you look at what players take home on average, by the time the members of the dreaded 1p Club have been taken into account along with all the other players who have had cause to regret turning down the Banker’s offer, it’s nowhere near the magic £250,000. £5,000 is one fiftieth of this amount, and when this formula is applied to the top £500 on the roulette version it becomes clear that a £10 offer isn’t bad going.

However, as you will typically have spent £19.50 to trigger this feature, an offer from the banker of £30 will have therefore made your trip worthwhile.

As for the Telephone Round – well, that’s much simpler as there’s no strategy involved, just luck. However, given that the top prizes for both features are the same (£500), it’s reasonable to assume that you take the same approach – so a £30 or more win on the Wheel of Fortune will be a great result and you can walk away happy that you’ve beaten the machine for that particular session.

Start off with the minimum bet - and don't be pushed into spending more if you don't want to

With any type of roulette that offers bonus rounds like these, you’ll need to be prepared to play long sessions, which will mean lots of wagers. Given that you’ll need to make feature bets every time to make playing the game worthwhile, we’d advise betting the minimum £1 stake on both features and on the base game for very spin, and not aiming for any more unless you’ve got a very executive-sized bankroll.

As ever, don’t be too seduced by the features: You’re still getting a decent game of standard European roulette with every spin – just be happy when the features come up and don’t have unrealistic expectations.

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DOND Roulette game and strategy guide

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