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Bonus King Roulette game and strategy guide

Tim Crump 22 Nov 2017
  • Play Bonus King Roulette for a genuine Roulette challenge
  • This game is 100% exclusive to Betfred 
Bonus King Roulette: Only available at Betfred stores

Bonus King Roulette

Betfred outlets (excluding those that were previously Totesport) offer the same set of roulette games as William Hill, but with one important difference: They have their own, custom-made roulette game featuring clips from founder/owner Fred Done.

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Bonus King Roulette is a standard European game with not just one but several additional features. These are very easy to trigger:

Win the jackpot at any time

The progressive pot can be won at any time by spinning all 7 letters of the word ‘Betfred’ on 7 different slot-style virtual reels. The probability of this is unknown and the numbers of symbols on each reel are also unknown making analysis difficult, but the pot has a maximum value of £200. However, given that you don’t have to make any sort of ante bet to benefit from it, there’s no strategy required – though the closer the pot is to £200, the better your chances of getting a superior return.

Every time you win on this game, you’re offered a choice of two bonus rounds: 

One of these is a straight evens/double/quadruple bet. You can select which one to go for and you’ll then gamble your winnings by trying to select a card with Fred’s picture on it. Again, there’s no strategy here – it simply depends on how you want to play, though given that you won’t be playing this game in the first place unless you wanted to enjoy the extra features, you’ll want to spin them as often as possible - so outside or single/double dozen bets would make sense, to make sure you get to the features as often as possible.

Hi/Lo is brilliant fun

The other option when you win, is a Hi/Lo card game. You’re shown a set of cards and can bet on the subsequent card being higher or lower, with odds determined by the game software. This is where you need to get clever and check to ensure you’re given appropriate odds, but it’ll take some practice and if you don’t chose within a couple of minutes you’ll lose the chance to gamble and will be taken back to the base game – so watch out. 

You can work out what you should expect to get by looking at which cards have already been turned over (this game can continue indefinitely, and sometimes a card is turned over without offering you a gamble, moving onto another one instead). Suppose you’ve turned over a king, a seven and a five.  You’ll be offered odds for the next card being higher (six or more) or lower (four or less – and aces are low). 

Get your calculator at the ready!

There will be 16 cards (A,2,3 and 4 times 4 suits) lower than a five; there are 8 higher cards (6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K) times 4, minus the 3 that have been turned over. That’s 29 cards. That means you have a 16 in 45 chance of winning if you go for the low bet – that equates to 1 in 2.81, so you’d expect a £1 wager win to offer a £3.81 prize at least if the gamble were worthwhile; conversely you’d expect around £2.55 for the higher bet. 

Figuring out these kinds of bets within the timescale offered takes a lot of practice and you’ll need a calculator - but if you don’t arrive at a sensible conclusion the worst thing that’ll happen is that you’re taken back to the base game with your winnings intact anyway!

It’s worth learning how to play this game optimally: If you do you can enjoy an expected return of 97.49%, which is better than the 97.3% you get with a standard European game. Most bonus roulette games ultimately offer you a lower expected return if you play the feature rounds, so it’s well worth bearing in mind that this can be a very good value for money game if you play it right.

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Bonus King Roulette game and strategy guide

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