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Roulette strategy simulations

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Watch a strategy in practice and it'll ll start to make sense...

Playing a roulette system is something that’s often considered as something of a dark art: Even when you read about each system and how to play it, the reality of actually going to a live table and putting it into practice is something many players approach with a degree of trepidation.

The casino may always win, but it doesn't always have to win against you...

This is hardly surprising in a way: After all, the casino always wins in the end, right? Well, obviously no casino stays in business without making a profit, but what many players fail to realise is that by using a decent system that’s well-matched to your bankroll and aspiration level of winnings, you can tip the balance of probabilities to your increased advantage and make sure that you get above average returns. The casino may ultimately prove victorious, but it doesn’t have to be at your expense if you play it right.

The best way to see what you’ll be letting yourself in for when you play a system is by illustration, so we’ve visited a variety of our favourite casinos and put some of the better-known strategies into practice to see what really happens when you sit down at the table and put your bankroll’s fate in the hands of Martingale, Labouchere, James Bond - or a variety of other tried and tested systems that have made millions for their proponents over the years.

Obviously there’s little point in running just a few spins or even one session, so we sat in on dozens of sessions and calculated the typical number of spins made and then chose to simulate on that basis with 3 separate sessions, to ensure that a fair result was generated that’s fully representative of what you can expect to happen.

The Simulations

The Martingale system

First up, we tried the legendary Martingale system. This double-or-quits strategy works in all sorts of situations apart from roulette, and its intuitive nature is why it’s the first roulette strategy most player become aware of. Click here to see the results of our simulation.

The D’Alembert system

The D’Alembert is a softcore version of the Martingale, using a similar principle but involving considerably less risk. If you’ve got a smaller bankroll you may find it very useful indeed – click here to see the simulation we carried out.

The James Bond System

Turn up the casino with the James Bond strategy at your disposal and you’ll feel like a winner – we certainly did when we tried it out: Click here to see what happened

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Roulette strategy simulations

Watch our simulations and let us show you how to make extra profits using the very best roulette systems

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