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Top 10 Online Roulette Tips - How to Win Money at Roulette

Here are a few time tested strategies you can apply and help you in win when you play roulette.

There are lots of things you can do to tip the odds in your favour when you play roulett e– and these are our top 10 tips: 

1. Get the biggest welcome bonus you can
A welcome bonus rewards your first deposit with cash from the casino. This is typically a 100% bonus, so your deposit is doubled – though it may be matched 150% or even more. If you’re going to be playing alot and making subsequent deposits you will also benefit from a multi-stage bonus, which pays you cash bonuses on your second, and possibly third, fourth or fifth deposits. Intercasino, for example offer a £600 bonus when you sign up through this link.

2. Try for a no deposit bonus if you can
A no deposit bonus is a smaller sum – usually no more than £20 – that’s put into your account by the casino as a golden ‘hello’. Not all no deposit bonuses let you meet the playthrough requirements by playing roulette, so you’ll need to check the terms carefully, particularly the game weightings: These tell you how much of each wager on a particular type of game counts towards meeting the playthrough requirements.

3. Think long-term
Roulette is more of a career choice than games like slots, where many players hope to hit a huge progressive jackpot and retire early. With roulette, get rich quick schemes are a bad idea and can have a very detrimental effect on your bankroll: You should be aiming for a steady income, which will accumulate and compound within itself over the years to give you solid long-term gains. If you aspire to come out ahead, say three sessions out of every five then you’ll be setting sensible target for yourself that you can regularly meet. 

Aiming for a long-term career also means you’ll be playing regularly enough to meet your bonus playthrough requirements easily, which will make life much easier.

4. Don’t listen to stories about ‘new’ systems
We’ve all met someone who claims to have a winning system: Get the bus to Vegas and you’ll likely as not bump into someone asking to borrow their fare from you, promising to pay you back with interest when they make it big with their infallible system. If such systems were feasible, they would have destroyed the entire casino industry a long time ago: Remember that gaming is supposed to be profitable for the casinos, though with some luck you’ll be one of the many thousands of exceptions to the rule that the casino always wins. Click here to know more about roulette strategy

5. What works for one person need not work for you
Just because you know someone who had a big win using a particular system doesn’t mean it’s one you should adopt. Systems suit individuals according to their bankroll, risk/reward profile and time constraints: We all have a different ‘perfect’ system, and even for one individual this is likely to change all the time.

6. Play the French games
Selecting French tables will always give you an advantage as they offer better odds than European or American tables. If you make an outside bet on a French table and the ball lands in the green slot, you get half your stake returned to you. Click here to know more about roulette variations

7. Practice, practice, practice
Playing on demo tables regularly will help you develop strategies that are right for you, and instil within you the necessary discipline to use them for real. The opportunity to rehearse like this simply wasn’t available before roulette appeared online: It’s a real luxury, so take full advantage of it.

8. Avoid distractions
Many casinos rely on you being distracted so that you’ll make silly bets and lose correspondingly large sums. You can avoid this by turning off any TV shows you have on in the background and sticking with some undemanding music at the most. Also, avoid playing side games or opening up other gaming applications whilst you play, so that you can concentrate 100% on your roulette

9. Don’t tip the dealers
When you score a big win it needs to be thought of in terms of your overall progress. Wins come at a price, and the dealer won’t be tipping you when you lose, so why tip them when you win? They get paid quite enough by the casino, and although this advice may seem mean-spirited, if you want to get ahead you need every bit of help you can get. It’s dog-eat-dog world, and you have to exercise discipline. A ‘thank-you’ in the chat panel is all that’s needed

10. Stay sober!
It’s easy to enjoy a few beverages whilst playing, but too much and you’ll make some seriously bad decisions. Successful gaming requires serious concentration and skill, and you should aim to think of your roulette wins as a second income.

These are just a few ways you can get more from your roulette sessions, but they all pay huge dividends - so good luck and happy spinning!

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Top 10 Online Roulette Tips - How to Win Money at Roulette

Here are a few time tested strategies you can apply and help you in win when you play roulette.

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